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Things we made at Bergen University College (Høgskolen i Bergen).

OGF Engine

Graphics engine written in C++. Final group project for the graphics course.

Core technologies used:

Video demonstrating engine in use

VR Crane

Baccalaureus project executed at Stormfjord. We implemented a working crane into their in-house developed software Scope Deckplanner. The result was presented at Expo 2014

Core technologies used:

Crane in action

Garry's Mod


SysAdmin on the server box. I write code for them to support the server. I also configured the web server which hosts a bunch of other domains, this one included.

Core technologies used:

GCinema homepage

PlayX (Metastruct edition)

Current maintainer of the PlayX on Metastruct along with Xerasin. Major differences in this from the one on workshop is HTML5 video support for Youtube, bass audio support (ogg, mp3, possibly other formats), callback based handler system, resuming which actually works. Short version is: Flash player is not required for most media!

I do plan on putting it on GitHub at some point, but it would not be a child of any of the PlayX repositories that already exist on there. The original author used Metastructs internal repository when working on this one, so we don't know if it has a common origin on GitHub.

Global Game Jam

Attended Bergen Game Jam since 2013, we used Unity3D along with various software to create 2D, 3D and audio content. The gist is that you have 48 hours to produce a game by a given theme

Infinite Stroke BGJ 2013

You are fat and have heart issues, run to keep it pumping or die trying.

Video Game page

Such Politics BGJ 2014

It is election time and you have to sway the voters in your favor.

Game page

Race to Motherhood BGJ 2015

A lesbian couple are both pregnant, suddenly the water breaks for both simultaneously and you have to get them to the hospital as fast as possible. This is an Android game, so you need a device ready to play this.

Game page

Dance Dance Ritualution (Dancing title) BGJ 2016

Rich has to prove his manhood by interpretive dance or something. We're not quite sure yet. Maybe it's a reaction formation due to childhood stress?

Game page